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The intensive Spanish language and culture courses that the Pontifical University of Salamanca offers combine a complete and rigorous academic program together with a wide range of cultural activities.

The courses, that are given in the historic building of the Royal College of the Society of Jesus (Colegio Real de la Compañía de Jesús - a building of the XVII century), try to immerse the student not only in the Spanish language but also in the culture. For this reason the daily classes, given by qualified teachers with experience, are combined with all sorts of activities. Excursions, tours and language exchanges with Spanish speakers help the foreign students feel fully integrated in the university atmosphere.

In the academic programme the distribution of students is carried out in small groups that can always count on the help of teachers specialised in the teaching of Spanish. The duration of the courses, organised according to the level of the students, can be from two weeks up to six months.

Studying Spanish in Salamanca allows foreign students to learn a language in an ideal setting: in the home of an ever more universal language, enjoying unforgettable experiences that make what is learned in the daily classes easily assimilated.


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